Progress is impossible without a change


ONYAX is an innovative company born to deal with the new challenges of digital communication
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The complete solution for your business

Our skills



The skills of our researchers in the fields of electronics, mechanical engineering, software and telecommunications enable us to think and realize innovative solutions.



Possibility of supplying communication platforms to clear your investment in the telecommunications and post-processing infrastructure.



Manufacturing and production processes under control and fully implemented within the Community.


Post Sales Support

Precise telemetry analysis for the continuous improvement of the functionality and efficiency of the solution.



Precise product maintenance and upgrading plans to ensure our customers always have maximum operational reliability.



Consulting services for the integration of products and / or platforms into operating centers or third-party infrastructures.

We believe in

We believe that the introduction of intelligence and communication skills in the objects is a necessity and above all an opportunity for the processes of improving the quality of life of every day.


Our mission

ONYAX‘s mission is to promote the process of integration and insertion of objects into the digital world through the design and manufacturing of devices, solutions and innovative management platforms. ONYAX aims to create and maintain constructive relations of partnerships to support its own Customers to reach their business and growht objectives through the use of digital technologies for the acquisition and management of data through various categories of sensors.


Our vision

ONYAX‘s vision is to be present in this new industrial revolution, with the desire to grow through creativity, invention and innovation. ONYAX sees its future as a highly specialized company in tailored and innovative solutions in the Internet of Things, well aware that more and more simple objects will be endowed with intelligence.