The smart choice for your industry

The smart choice for your industry

Smart City

Smart city is one that is healthy, energy sustainable and uses renewable energy resources as much as possible, including waste management. We can provide intelligent traffic management systems for public transport.

Smart Building

ONYAX enables building owners and managers to increase efficiency and reduce energy expenditure.
To achieve the goals required by the market, we have developed solutions to achieve high levels of monitoring and control of building systems, including security, lighting and heating systems.

Water, Oil & Gas

The technology of ONYAX allows the telemetry and the remote control of the chemical-physical parameters of the distribution and transport networks. The acquired information is sent through standard and inter-operable protocols, in order to meet all integration and security requirements. The web platforms and smartphone apps accompanying the acquisition devices allow remote data management and generation of final reports for audit activities or regulatory obligations.


ONYAX designs and realizes monitoring systems able to identify possible inefficiencies so as to be able to intervene quickly, activate alarms or extraordinary management to solve problematic situations.


The importance of having environmental information from dedicated objects allows the improvement of processes of supervision and control of territories or areas.
The acquisition and post-processing of this information constitutes, through the establishment of databases and appropriate reporting, a support tool for strategic choices on long-term investments, critical decisions and risk analysis.


We use our wireless technologies in the agricultural industry to perform :

  • Detection of weather conditions and various soil and crop parameters
  • Control and optimization of irrigation or other processes such as seeding, fertilization or precision disinfection.


The industrial revolution brought about by INDUSTRY 4.0 requires that machine tools integrate telemetry and telecommunications solutions for both remote management and continuous improvement of the efficiency of the machine itself.
Preventive and scheduled maintenance solutions facilitate improvement and customer loyalty in after-sales processes as well as ensuring a better image and positioning in terms of quality.

Quality & Authority

ONYAX can propose numerous solutions to introduce the world of IoT and telemetry in the company’s quality processes, up to the automatic production of reports according to authority or certification requirements.

Medical Care

The services offered by ONYAX allow the remote monitoring of temperatures, also from a HACCP point of view, activating appropriate alarms in case of emergencies or thresholds being exceeded.
In addition to temperatures, it is possible to monitor the health status of patients under constant medical supervision and offer a remote monitoring service of elevators, stair lifts, electric vehicles and devices for patients with reduced mobility in order to prevent failures and malfunctions

Logistics & Tracking

ONYAX offers remote monitoring services with production of appropriate reports aimed at reducing waste and monitoring product inventory through the use of small sensors with low energy consumption.